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Then read my latest blog post for TURF magazine.

Here are the first two paragraphs just for you:

Do you believe that a blog can help your bottom line? 

For the past month, I’ve been blogging on my site about how lawn care and landscape companies need to find solid Internet marketing agencies to help them with their digital marketing. For the series, I interviewed Steve Wolgemuth, CEO of YDOP (www.ydop.com), in Lancaster, Pa., who’s an SEO expert. And I learned more about how blogging and other forms of social media are essential for today’s landscape and lawn care business owners.

You can read the rest of the blog at http://www.turfmagazine.com/blog-7177.aspx.


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A sugar shack, where sap is boiled down to map...

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Last spring, my editor at Farming asked for some articles about Pa. maple sugar farms. At the time, I enthusiastically said, “yes,” because I wanted to fill up my calendar. Yet, because I live in south central Pa., there aren’t very many, if any, maple sugar farms. Thus, I needed to find sources a long distance from my home.

I found a handful of maple sugar farms through the Pa. Maple Sugar Association, and I think, from Ag Map, as well.  However, interviewing and writing these pieces were challenging. Since I haven’t experienced maple sugaring, up close and personal, like I have with dairy farming, I felt a little lost.  And some of my sources were rather pithy in their information.

But I learned more about maple sugaring and I appreciate the industry here in Pa. For example, Somerset County, Pa. is known as the maple sugaring capital of Pa. The high mountains and amount of snow they get every year make maple sugaring a successful industry in southwestern Pa.

In February 2011’s Farming, Miller’s Purely Maple is featured in the Sugaring section. Miller’s Purely Maple is in the northwestern section of Pa.–near the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. Again, lots of mountains with cold weather and tons of snow.

Have you ever stretched yourself into a subject that you’ve never experienced? How did you deal with it? Were you glad that you took on the challenge or do you wish that you took a pass?

I’m glad that I interviewed three to four different maple sugar farms here in Pennsylvania. I learned about a small industry that is steeped in history and family tradition.

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Seal of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

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In 2010, I made a comeback  in my writing (I know that word is overused in the news right now). I honed in on what I’m good at and where I have had success–particularly harnessing my love of writing for trade magazines and my local newspapers. And I realized that the kind of stories that I love to write–people profiles–especially small business success and those who give a hand up and not a hand out–have been a brand that I want to explore further in 2011.

Yes, Virginia, I’m a conservative–the Fox News and Drudge Report-loving kind. Yet, my beliefs in limited government and the generosity of others have been cemented in the stories that I wrote about this past year. I’ve written about dairy farmers starting their own cheese-making businesses, a small dairy goat farmer who owns a cooperative country store in Berks County, a Lancaster County realtor who supports orphans and women in India, a couple who makes artisan pickles in Lititz, Pa., a woman who started a non-profit in Lancaster County to eradicate hunger in school students over the weekends. All without government assistance. Amazing!

Merry Christmas to all of my favorite people who I profiled this year. Thank you for your patience and willingness to share part of your lives with others to encourage them to do the same or similar things in their businesses and lives.

And best wishes for a prosperous and successful 2011! I plan on covering more small businesses and speak about your successes in this new year.

Oh, and I recently had an article about round barns published in Grit magazine. Check out the January/February 2011 edition at your favorite newsstand or at www.grit.com.  They also have articles about work horses, edible wild plants, and barn quilts in the J/F edition. I can’t wait to read it!

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In Growing North, August 2010, the article “Sometimes Being in a Pickle is Good: A Pa. Preferred Family Business” http://www.growingmagazine.com/article.php?id=5745 is featured. I loved writing this article because it demonstrates Pa. family businesses working together. The Olenicks own the Lititz Pickle Company where they create pickles using family recipes handed down through their families. And Mark Olenick’s vendors include other Pa. family businesses including Four Seasons Produce in Ephrata and Henry’s Produce located at the Green Dragon in Ephrata. His other vendors include Sunsprout in Lancaster and the Leola Produce Auction in Leola. All of it Pennsylvania and most of the businesses owned by families. Now, if we could only get the feds to realize that taxing small businesses is a bad idea, huh?

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