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It’s been awhile since I’m updated my blog. Like everyone else, my summer has taken off at full speed ahead.

However, I have some new blog topics swirling around in my mind:

1. My next blog topic (or 2) will be taking a popular landscape/lawn care feature, such as swimming pools, spas, mowing heights, LED lights, and irrigation, and giving you some examples of blogs that you can put on your website for your prospects & clients that feature your services.

2. I’m also working on a white paper to discuss the internal workings of a subject matter expert writer. This white paper will help you to determine if a blog, case study, or white paper is appropriate for your business.

3. On this blog, I’ll also take some time to talk about case studies & white papers to add to your website for folks who signed up for your blog or e-newsletter updates.

4. And to my clients, I’m going to start an e-newsletter in the next few months (September is my deadline) that will offer discounts, coupons, and news that you can use for your website, blog and other web content. No, I will not be giving any grammar lessons. I promise!

Until then, have a wonderful week!

Wendy Komancheck


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I thought this might be a good reminder for all of my readers that there are definite benefits to adding a blog to your lawn or landscape website.

Wendy Komancheck ~ Content Copywriter: Garden, Hardscape, Landscape, Lawn Care, & Outdoor Living

English: DJS Lawn & Landscape Ford F-250 XL pi... English: DJS Lawn & Landscape Ford F-250 XL pickup truck with lawn care equipment (riding mowers) on a trailer bed parked at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Durham, North Carolina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Three things to expect when you hire a writer

Okay, so you decided to hire a writer to blog about you, your work, and your landscape and lawn care services. You’ve learned that hiring a marketing writer doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Smooth sailing, right?

Well, don’t think that you’ve washed your hands from the project. You’re still the boss and you need to provide some direction to your marketing team, which includes that writer you recently hired.

Here are three things to expect from your freelance writer when she writes blog posts for you:

1. Introductory questions: Most market-savvy writers will know to ask you specific questions about your blog goals. But…

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I’m repurposing another one of my earlier blog posts. Rest assured, dear readers, I have a new marketing blog series coming your way. Stay tuned!

Wendy Komancheck ~ Content Copywriter: Garden, Hardscape, Landscape, Lawn Care, & Outdoor Living

What is your unique selling position (USP)? Some of you may know what a USP is and others may not. Simply put, what makes your landscape/lawncare business stand out from the crowd?

Before you hire a writer to blog about your landcare business, you need to decide what makes you stand out from your competition. Is it your attention to detail? Is it because you have own a one-stop shop business? Or is it something else?

You can define what your USP is by answering the following questions:

1. What do you do better than your competition?
2. What’s your company’s purpose or mission? Why do you exist as a business?
3. Who are your clients? Are they mostly upscale residential clients or more commercial clients?
4. What’s important to your clients when they hire a landscape and/or lawn care professional?
5. What is your niche and why did you…

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Here’s a revised version of To Blog or Not to Blog, Part 2. It’s been one year since I moved from being a newspaper and trade magazine writer to a full time online content writer for the lawn care, landscape, hardscape, and garden industries. And I found this information to still be relevant with some other informational tidbits that I picked up along the way. Does this blog help you when it comes to considering adding relevant web content, including blogs, to your website?

Wendy Komancheck ~ Content Copywriter: Garden, Hardscape, Landscape, Lawn Care, & Outdoor Living

In the past two weeks, I’ve been busy writing blogs for other land care businesses. And I’ve learned something about blogging since I wrote “To Blog or Not to Blog” Part 1. Here are some tips to get you started on writing your blog:

1. Be consistent: You need to publish your blog on a consistent basis. That doesn’t mean that you need to blog every day, or even, every week. I advise my clients to start out with one blog a month and then move up to blogging two times a month once you’ve gathered a following.

2.Plan your blogs around a theme. If it’s springtime, than write about lawn care and landscaping tips that will help your clientele manage their properties. You can also take a basic lawn care, landscaping, or gardening tip and describe how you can help your clients meet their turf needs with your land…

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Wendy Komancheck ~ Content Copywriter: Garden, Hardscape, Landscape, Lawn Care, & Outdoor Living

I wrote this blog last spring when I was first starting out as a content writer for the landscape, lawn care, and outdoor living industries. While I still agree with myself that B2C green businesses need to engage their prospects to get them in the door, I now believe that B2B businesses also need blogs and other well written web content. Instead of the consumer as their reader, the landscape, lawn care, garden center, and casual living buyers will be their readers.

For those of you who are vendors to the landscape, lawn care, and outdoor living companies (such as lighting, hardscape, pools/spas, and concrete businesses, do you agree that you need to blog for your prospects, the men and women who own the businesses that use your products to create lovely outdoor spaces?

Feel free to comment or email me at wendy@landscapewriter.com.

When it comes to marketing, there seems to be a…

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This is the final installment of the three part series where I make an attempt at being transparent. I actually wanted to have this blog written a few weeks ago, but I’ve been busy with client work. Yay!

In this part, I’m going to talk about the three ingredients to my secret sauce. In other words, why should a lawn care, landscape, garden center, or hardscape company hire me to write their web content and blogs?

Well, here are my answers—and it’s not just the great customer service or my prices either that make me stand out compared to my very capable and talented competitors:

  1. I’m a content specialist. I specifically target lawn care, landscape, garden, and outdoor living industries as my niches. Why? Because it’s an area I know much better than any other niche, save farming. For the past 10 years, I’ve written for many of Moose River Media’s (www.mooserivermedia.com) trade magazines. I started writing for Farming: Journal of Northeast Ag and for Growing. Then, I started writing about golf courses for Superintendent and lawn care company profiles for TURF.


In the beginning, I was a lousy writer. But my first editor there, Bob Montgomery, had immense grace and patience by allowing me to grow as a business writer.


  1. I’m intense about helping small to medium-size businesses grow. I grew up in a small business and come from a long lineage of Mom and Pop small business owners. So, I was instilled with an innate knowledge about how to run a business including good marketing and people skills.


  1. Finally, I’m passionate about writing. I admit it, I’m a word nerd. I constantly read up on how to write better web content so I can apply those new skills to you, my client.


In the end, I pair my two loves, add my established lawn care, landscape, and garden knowledge, and voila, I’m a content writer for you in the lawn care, landscape, and outdoor living business world.

What do you think? Do you see a growing need within the green business industry for more content writers and producers? Share your thoughts in the comment section below or email me at wendy@landscapewriter.com.

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This is another “hot” topic on my blog. If you’re in the lawn care, landscape, construction, hardscape, & outdoor living industries, please tell me why this blog post interests you (please be respectful and no swearing allowed).

Wendy Komancheck ~ Content Copywriter: Garden, Hardscape, Landscape, Lawn Care, & Outdoor Living

Do you want to get a bad reputation among your clients? Then, don’t pay your employees–especially, if you think that the employees won’t stick up for themselves.

I recently heard a story about a local landscape/lawn care business that stiffed its young employees-the target age between 18-21 years old. The company not only refused to pay this kid, but has stiffed other employees in the past.

When I heard this, I immediately thought, “I bet that he doesn’t pay these kids because he thinks that he can get away with it.”

The person telling this story advised our group not to use this company’s services. And I totally agree. I know where this business is and I won’t forget its name.

I belong to a networking group that has 14 or so members. That means that 14 of us, some of us also have teens who’ll be looking for work, will…

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